Oh yes, you can build them, have them take out the trash, put your baby to sleep, even design them for a little ‘good-good’ on the side.  But when you decide to attach a gun turret on them, or put them in the line of fire on the battlefield, that’s when they decide ‘It’s time for some new programming… ‘Kill The Humans’.

Whether they are from Space, or made on the good old planet Earth, Evil Robots have been in our Science Fiction from the beginning.  Here is countdown of TEN of the more maniacal, mechanical man-killers.

10. ED-209 (ROBOCOP) – This war-robot prototype didn’t have any trouble following its programing.  You get 3 warnings and then you get lit-up like a Christmas tree.

9. THE CYLONS – SECOND GEN. (BATTLESTAR GALACTICA) – All they wanted was to be left alone, which is why they decided to exterminate the entire human race.  Another example of building a robot that kills humans is not a good idea.

8. SQUIDS (MATRIX) – Evil tentacle robots are the rage in the killer robot circles. Squids or ‘Squiddies’ weren’t too burdened with something silly like Mercy.  Maybe they were just following orders, but I think it was personal.

7. HECTOR (SATURN 3) – You must be evil if you want to kill Farrah Fawcett, although I think he had other intentions (CREEEEPPPPYYY)!  This was one horrible movie, but the robot was on some other level of evil.

6. MAXIMILIAN (BLACK HOLE) – Big red robot with glowing eye is pretty much standard order among evil robots.  But with added extras like duel weed-whackers coming out of each arm, I would say you have a ‘Killer-Custom’ robot there.

5. MARIA (METROPOLIS) – It’s bad enough that some women are evil to good men (of course not you ladies that read this).  But making an evil female robot is just wrong.

4. GUN SLINGER (WESTWORLD) – He was supposed to let you win the gun fight!  But, as most blue-collar robots, he got fed up with the guests, so he decided to kill them.  Yul Brynner played the mess out of this role.  That evil smirk was all it took to make me like this cold killer.

3. ULTRON (MARVEL COMICS) – Most evil robots end up wanting to kill their own creators, but few refer to them as ‘Father’ when doing it.  Ultron has been the biggest and most dangerous thorn in the Avengers side since Ever!

2. T-800 (TERMINATOR) – I know Reese said he was “Not a robot. A cyborg. A cybernetic organism.” But when your pretty much made of gears, and have a computer chip for a brain, you’re a robot to me.  Especially when a good hot fire burns all that annoying skin off your body.  The most evil thing about terminators – their sarcasm “I’ll Be Back.”

1. MEGATRON (TRANSFORMERS) – So bad he forms a german hand gun called the Walther P38.  Megatron even sports a stylish Nazi Germany type helmet.  He’s always trying to wipe out the Autobots and humans alike, and he even treats his own forces with some disdain, just ask STARSCREAM.  Just because he was in a kids cartoon, doesn’t mean he ain’t the most evil robot out there.

There you are my geek brothers and sisters.  Ten robots that you don’t want to invite to dinner.  Some honorable mentions should include – Robot from Judge Dredd, the Medical-torture Robot from Star Wars, and others.  I tried not to included Androids or synthetic humans.  Maybe if MARIA from METROPOLIS wasn’t designed in the 1920’s I wouldn’t have included her.  But those bolts and gears told me otherwise.  Let Geek Soul Brother know which robots you think are some of the most evil around.

Check out my other posts to see my lists of TEN HEROIC ROBOTS and TEN ANNOYING ROBOTS.  Next up: TEN SEXY ROBOTS (a geek favorite!).


7 thoughts on “TEN EVIL ROBOTS

  1. Cybermen from “Doctor Who” – do they count or not?

    It’s a bit like the Borg in “Star Trek” – are they too human/cyborg-like to be considered fully-fledged robot villains or is the definition of robot wide enough to encompass an antagonist with some organic material?

    Oh go on, let’s add Ash in “Alien” to the list – he’s a robot and really mean with it.

    • Bro, ASH is a great one, totally forgot about him. Cybermen and Borg could work, but I ask myself the question – Could they survive without their biological parts? For Terminator, it’s an obvious answer. Now if I do a list of Cyborgs, you better believe they will be on that list. Thanks for bringing them up Rick, I know that plenty slipped my mind.

      I think I will have even more trouble defining the ‘Sexy Robots’ list.

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