Edge of Tomorrow Poster

I love time-loop or time travel films. Also, some futuristic Halo-like military fighting does a film better.  And lastly, Emily Blunt is one of my screen crushes.  So with all of this mixed together, and hopefully a good performance by Tom Cruise, will make EDGE OF TOMORROW a treat to watch next year.

The Plot? It seems that a soldier is caught in a time-loop where he experiences the last day of a future battle over and over.  But with each loop, I think he’s learning how to survive.  Sounds like Groundhog’s Day meets Saving Private Ryan, where Ryan is saving his own butt…. and his hottie fellow soldier.  Look for it in June of 2014.



2 thoughts on “Trailer Jive: EDGE OF TOMORROW

  1. They got my attention by comparing it to Groundhogs Day since I love that movie, but I’m not sure if it will overpower my dislike for the last sci-fi Cruise movie. He always plays it so safe it becomes boring. It looks cool though.

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