Trailer Jive: JUPITER ASCENDING (2014)

Jupiter Ascending shot

What are the Wachowskis up to now?  At first look, this super Scifi trailer looked pretty awesome.  Then when you start to pick it apart you start to see the clichés one after another.  There’s Channing Tatum as the mercenary goat-boy who is a killing machine.  Then you have the damsel-in-distress with that special ‘gift’ or skill or knowledge or something.  But there are also a few saving graces to the film including the Wachowskis flare for beautiful special effects.  And also, a couple of the characters look kinda cool.  The story is original, so at least we aren’t getting a remake of a remake.  One thing you can say about the directorial siblings is that they like original material… well original to film.  I’ll always wonder where they get their stories from after the Matrix lawsuit.  Anyway, JUPITER ASCENDING looks like it can be decent, or go down burning fast.  i do love Mila Kunis for several reasons.  She’s pretty, and does a good job as an actress.  Maybe not Shakespeare, but she’s good at what she does.  Tatum, meh.  I guess we will have to see when the film comes out July 14th, 2014.


3 thoughts on “Trailer Jive: JUPITER ASCENDING (2014)

  1. It looks good. I can’t help but to make comparisons to John Carter (despite the fact that Jupiter Ascending looks much better). It’s a big budget, big ‘universe’ story that could, as you say, ‘ascend’ or ‘descend’ at the box office. I hope it does well. I took pause when the trailer showed Channing with what looked like eyeliner on him when he rescued Mila, but the rest of the trailer made up for that minor slip in judgement. 🙂

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