Trailer Jive: TRANSCENDENCE (2014)

Transcendence shot 2

For some reason, I wish Morgan Freeman was the Artificial Intelligence that was liable to take over the world instead of Johnny Depp.  But I always love a good A.I. story. whether they are good A.I. (rare) or bad A.I. (too common). If you watch the trailer, you’ll see Depp play a scientist that is developing an A.I. system.  He gets shot, but his partner is able to upload his consciousness to the system.  But is it him? Or just a digital version of him? Or are we already just digital versions of ourselves in a bio-computer called the brain?  Lot of questions including – Will this be a good film?  Hopefully better the one where Depp played a Native American… because  you know there’s  terrible shortage of Native American actors.   TRANSCENDENCE premieres April 18th of next year.  But I’ll give you some homework to prepare for this one.  Go watch Demon Seed and Colossus: The Forbin Project.


2 thoughts on “Trailer Jive: TRANSCENDENCE (2014)

  1. I hope cinematographer Wally Pfister succeeds in his directorial debut. At the very least it’s a beautiful film. I checked out your review Man and started watching it on YouTube. Nice gem.

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