Trailer Jive: 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE (2014)

Artemisia Eva Green

You know, my fellow host of the ‘Geek Soul Brother and the 5 Nerdy Venoms’ podcast – Toby Wan Kenobi – said he was looking forward to seeing this.  I have to admit, even thought it still has those cool slo-mo visuals, I’m not impressed yet.  I don’t get the feeling they gave us a really good story to balance out the graphics.  But I might be wrong… it might be as good as the first. Maybe Better.  300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE should be coming out March 7th of Next year.  At least in this one it seems that not ALL of the bad guys are people of Color! There’s one white girl that’s kicking ass and taking no names – Artemisia played by Eva Green.


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4 thoughts on “Trailer Jive: 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE (2014)

  1. Well it looks great, but I’m not sure if it needs a sequel (prequel). The first film wrapped it up nicely. I’m just glad they renamed it from “300: Battle of Artemisium.”

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