Funky Q’ Review – STRANDED (2013)

Stranded-2013-Movie-PosterWhy Christian Slater insists on making these b-movies when he seems to have some life on TV I cannot guess.  I believe I remember this coming out for a very limited release earlier this year.  Or at least it was supposed to.  Now you can stream it on Netflix, but only if you like low-budget. badly acted Sci-fi horrors.  To the film’s credit, it wasn’t the worst that I’ve seen this past year.  If I was a kid, this probably would have been a great reason to stay up late and watch TV… in the 80s.

Slater plays head honcho Col. Gerard Brauchman in a slightly futuristic moon drilling base.  A meteor shower damages the base that he and 3 other military workers manage.  But that’s not all.  The meteors have spores on them, and these spores grow at an incredible rate.  You can probably see where this is going.  But maybe not, because the story didn’t really make much sense.  What does in a cheap space monster movie?  There was a mutant breast-suckling space baby, an evil clone of sorts, and actors dramatically shining flashlights into each other’s faces .   I’ll save the rest for you to enjoy if you decide to amuse yourself with Slater constantly telling his crew they have to ‘stick to the rules’.  I won’t say it was boring, just bad on so many levels.

To his credit also, I think Slater is a pretty good actor.  Check out My Own Worst Enemy if you get a chance.  Also, I’m curious about his new TV show coming in 2014 – Mind Games.  This though, you can probably live without.


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