My name is Henry Wiggins, but you can call me Geek Soul Brother!  I’m a Black guy that has been a geek since the 70’s (even the 60’s).  I’m Christian, a family man and every now and then an artist too.  I love comics, Sci-Fi movies and books and my Netflix queue is out of control.

Why am I doing this Blog?  I know there are zillions of geeky/nerdy Sci-Fi fan sites out there.  And all kinds of information on the highs and lows of Science Fiction, Fantasy and horror.  But I wanted to express myself in my own unique voice and point of view.  This is a great way to write and communicate with others.  Who am I kidding; I just love to talk about this crazy stuff.

So if you want to know about Sci-Fi stuff from the perspective of a Black guy that grew up in the 70’s, then stay tuned or RSS or bookmark or whatever; Geek Soul Brother is live and on the air!

Email me at geeksoulbrother@gmail.com if you have questions or something you’d like to say!


22 thoughts on “WHO IS GEEK SOUL BROTHER?

    • I thank you for the invite Sir. As a matter of fact, I have checked out your site and I think it’s great! I will certainly be perusing it often.

  1. Hi GSB,

    I’m also a brotha.

    I invite you to join my marketing site I’m developing: CentListInteractive.com.

    FREE to join. NO COST to post listings. NO COMMISSIONS ever charged on sales.

    PLUS: CentList Membership also makes you eligible to bid on items offered in my GreenProductFund.com auctions: Green goods at starting bids of only ONE CENT!

    Contact me if you want to join.

    Peace & prosperity,

    • JT, that is my stuff right there! I love ‘Ninja Scroll’. It was one of my early introductions to Anime. I hope they do a proper anniversary dvd edition one day. Thanks for the suggestion JT. Come back and visit, especially if you have more classics like that one.

    • Hey soul sister Chanele, thanks for checkin’ out the blog. And thanks for the ‘follow’. Checked out your blog also and it is exceptional. The your energy jumps right off the page. This geek is already a fan. Keep up the nice work.

  2. Hello,

    It’s Inda from Twitter. I’m writing because a pitch I submitted for a magazine story was accepted and I am just starting to write it. The story is about the ways black nerds and geeks have used social media to connect to each other. I was wondering if you would like to be “interviewed” for the story. It’s going to The Magazine (http://the-magazine.org/) and I have to turn in the story by mid-June. Please let me know if you’re interested. You can get in touch with me through email conceding2kismet@gmail.com. Take care.

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog! I am LOVING Geek Soul Brother (but I’m not surprised; anyone who likes Orphan Black clearly has great taste). Looking forward to many nerdy Twitter convos.

  4. GSB – love the site but love the podcast even more. Download that baby on Downcast on the iPad and let ya’ll silly fools lull me sleep at night! hehehehehe…Keep up the nerdiness baby! If you get the time, also check out my own geek’d out hobby indulgence at http://www.geekthefugout.com. Maybe we can trade up links, collaborate or somethin’ in the future GSB. Keep it up dawg!

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