Meet The 5 Nerdy Venoms


“F*ck Yeah?!”


Toby-Wan Kenobi 3

“What Ever’s Clever” – Hi, my name is Tobias Howard a.k.a. Toby-Wan Kenobi, or Toby-Wan for short. By the name you can probably tell I’m a bit of a Geek. Truly I am a big Geek and a Black Geek at that. My loves are Gaming (a collector of systems), Anime/Toons (and my own art), Movies Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror… everything cool you can say in a world of Geeks and Nerds.

Born a country boy from Fayetteville, North Cackalacka in the 70’s, turned city Man now living in Brooklyn NY. I have turned away from my selfish and hidden Dark Sith Lord ways to the light and right ways of the Jedi; wanting to reach out and share my Geek knowledge as well as learn from other Geeks of the Universe.

So I would like you to follow me as part of the team Five Nerdy Venoms, and our Space Ghost – Geek Soul Brother – as we Trek our way through time and cyber space in order to bring Geeky fun and knowledge from back in the future, to futures pasted, to present & beyond. Love long and Prosper & May the Force be Near You…

Tune into Geek Soul Brother & the Five Nerdy Venoms Tues. and Thurs. 10pm est.



Illumeenous 3

“OMG You Need To Get On That” – Having been a nerd since storming the castles gates to be free of her mother’s womb, Illumeenous is a renaissance woman. She’s a writer, emcee, crochet / jewelry artist and mother of a nine year old mad scientist in training. When she isn’t travelling inter-dimensional universes on a black unicorn, she’s co-hosting the GeekSoulBrother podcast or reading a book.

— s
Rise minions!  Rise and go fix me my plate!page-break-500px

El Camino Avatar

Eric “El Camino” Rivera is part of the Geek Soul Brother  & Five Nerdy Venoms Crew.  He’s an Avatar The Last Airbender enthusiast (this includes Legend of Korra), and Avatar movie enthusiast, who’s third language is “Na’vi”. His top 2 favorite Sci-fi television shows are Fringe, and The X-files.  His 2 favorite Sci fi/ Fantasy movies as a child were “E.T.”, and “Gremlins”. While some people grew up looking up to athletes, and musicians, El Camino looked up to comic book artists, and illustrators. His favorite pastime when not co-hosting the show is stepping up his design game by drawing, painting, or tattooing.  His other interests are going to see as many movies as he can in one day… wink-wink. He is a fine blend of Hood and Geek.


Mdawg“Oh Hell Yeah, that’s Adorable” Nasal voice.


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